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OCR is one of the most important and popular problems that computer vision has tried to solve for a long period. A huge amount of research has been done in the field of OCR as a result of which a large number of approach has been discovered. Several of them are classical computer vision approach while others are deep learning. Generally, classical techniques beat the deep learning techniques in terms of speed while deep learning techniques beat the classical approaches in terms of accuracy.

While a lot of text recognition algorithms have evolved due to a huge amount of research…

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Ever went through your old family album and wondered if you could colour your old black and white photos of your father or Grandfather? This is the article that will satisfy that hunch. In this article, I will provide you a deep intuition of how we can use a variant of GANs called conditional GAN to colourize grayscale images. At the end of the article, you will have enough knowledge to build your own image colourization app. The app we will build will be a GUI app. This will be third article of my GAN series.

Before diving into details…

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In the previous article of my GAN series, we learned how we can develop a simple GAN to generate MNIST digits. But that GAN did randomly generate handwritten digits lying between 0 to 9. But there might be a condition where we want to generate a specific type of image. Say we only want to generate handwritten digit images of number 5 then how we can make the GAN generate a particular type of digit according to when it is required of any image which depends upon a certain condition. We gonna address these issues in this article.

The modified…

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GANs or Generative Adversarial Networks are regarded as one of the most interesting ideas in Deep Learning. This network was created in 2014 by sir Ian Goodfellow and his colleagues as described in Goodfellow et al.

At that time it drew a lot of attention from the Deep Learning folks and today it is one of the hot areas of research in Deep Learning. Sir Yann LeCun termed the GANs as one of the most interesting ideas in 10 years.

There were already some generative algorithms in Deep Learning like Autoencoders, GMMs, etc. But none of them were as good…

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Ever wondered how your favorite music searching app works?. Well, this is the correct place to find out.

Ever since I was a kid I was both a music and tech lover. I spent most of my day listening to music and reading about technology. Sometimes I listened to some new song playing around me and I liked it. I wanted to play it but not always Google search was enough to find the song. Then came the Shazam app and it was a great gift to me at the moment. After finding some of my favorite songs playing around…

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Today machine learning has become one of the major technologies which are impacting the world. It is said that data is the new oil for development. Now after the emergence of the internet lots of data is being generated which can be processed to get something useful but processing of that huge data is impossible for human beings and that’s where machine learning comes into play.

TensorFlow is a great library for building deep learning models both for prototyping and production.

But the problem is that it is not available everywhere for every framework. For example, Python’s Kivy a framework…

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